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We are singularly focused on building and selling school buses that customers want and value. The safety of schoolchildren is at the center of all that we do and we will strive every day, just as we have since our beginning in 1927, to provide an unparalleled and affordable product in terms of safety, quality, durability, and serviceability.

Corporate Jobs at Blue Bird

Blue Bird offers a variety of corporate positions, including Sales, Engineering, Purchasing, Finance and more. With great benefits and 401K packages, as well as many opportunities for advancement and growth, Blue Bird is a great place to work whether you are entry-level or have years of experience.

Manufacturing Jobs at Blue Bird

It takes multiple skill sets to manufacture a school bus- and Blue Bird is glad to provide a unique opportunity for many different kinds of people to join our team, and find additional tasks to learn about skills beyond their initial job description. We want our employees to feel fulfilled and confident in their work by giving them opportunities to grow in their career- we believe that's how the best products are made!

Our Employees are Our Most Valuable Asset

Blue Bird makes it a priority to keep our employees safe and healthy while on the job- after all, our employees are our most valuable asset. Our Environmental Health and Safety Team makes sure our employees are kept safe by ensuring employees receive proper training, and that proper safety protocols are in place on the manufacturing floor.