Propane Testimonials

Hear what our customers are saying about their experience with Blue Bird's propane-powered buses- and see why propane autogas is a great alternative fuel choice for your fleet!

Juan Mejias
“In a head-to-head comparison between 56 of our propane autogas buses and 56 diesel buses, propane autogas saves Alvin ISD 37¢ per mile. To me, it’s a no brainer to use propane autogas. Propane autogas runs cleaner, it’s low maintenance — it’s the perfect fuel to use for a school bus.”

- Juan Mejias, Fleet Maintenance Manager
Alvin Independent School District
Alvin, TX

Leslie Sheldon
“We knew that the Vision is the best bus out there. And with the expertise and support from Blue Bird and ROUSH CleanTech, it was easy to make the decision to fuel with propane autogas for our customers.”

- Leslie Sheldon, Operations Manager
All-Star Transportation
Waterbury, CT

Ken Pierson
“Our Propane-Powered Micro Bird buses are saving us 57% in fuel costs per gallon over diesel. The drivers love the buses, especially the quiet operation they provide. We'll continue adding more Blue Bird propane-powered buses in the near future.”

- Ken Pierson, Transportation Supervisor
Plumas Unified School District
Quincy, CA

William Schofield
“With today's tight school budgets, using a transportation fuel like propane autogas that saves taxpayers' money, keeps the environment clean, and keeps jobs within our national borders is a win-win for everyone.”

- William Schofield, Superintendent
Hall County Schools
Gainesville, GA

David Anderson
In regards to cold-weather start-ups:

“During zero-degree days, our Blue Bird propane-powered Visions started and performed to their peak."

- David Anderson, Director of Transportation and Fleet Service
Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Thorton, CO

Jeff Schwepker
In regards to infrastructure:

“The transition has been easy and transparent. Our fuel team was trained on the characteristics of propane autogas and how to safely fuel."

- Jeff Schwepker, Director of Transportation
Fort Zumwalt School District
O'Fallon, MO

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