Blue Bird offers a full line of activity bus and Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB) products, including the All American® Forward Engine, the All American® Rear Engine, the Blue Bird Vision®, and the Micro Bird®. With varying vehicle sizes, capacities, fuel choices, and engine types, Blue Bird’s wide range of bus options ensures that customers tailor their transportation solutions to their specific needs - whether those needs are transporting a church congregation or shuttling workers to and from a job site. From our best-in-class fuel economy to our best-in-class driver visibility and serviceability, Blue Bird’s industry-leading features establish the benchmark for parents, directors, drivers and service technicians alike.

Products for Activity Bus Needs

Capacity Up to 52
Fuel Tank Varies
Horsepower Varies
GVWR Up to 33,000 lbs.
Capacity up to 20
Fuel Tank 33 or 40 Gallons
Horsepower 25-324
GVWR Up to 10,000 lbs.
Capacity Up to 30
Fuel Tank 33 or 40 Gallons
Horsepower 25-324
GVWR Up to 14,500 lbs.
Capacity up to 25
Fuel Tank 25 gallons
Horsepower 275
GVWR Up to 10,360 lbs.
Capacity Up to 56
Fuel Tank Varies
Horsepower 200-300
GVWR Up to 36,200 lbs.
Capacity Up to 60
Fuel Tank 60 or 100 Gallons
Horsepower 200-280
GVWR Up to 36,200 lbs.
The majority of our extracurricular school trips are over 100 miles away. Our All American activity buses are built to school bus specifications and will provide us with safe, cost effective transportation. Abilene ISD will no longer heavily rely on contracting extracurricular activity transportation with the addition of our All American activity buses.
Rodney Murphy
Transportation Director
Abilene ISD
Abilene, TX

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