Propane Autogas

Over 10,000 Blue Bird Propane Buses

With over 10,000 Blue Bird Propane Buses built, Blue Bird is the number one producer of propane buses in the industry. In fact, Blue Bird has produced more alternative fuel buses than all of our competitors combined!

Proven Propane Powertrain

The performance of the engine relies on the transmission it works with. This is why Blue Bird has chosen to pair the Ford 6.8L engine with the proven 6R140 Ford transmission. This transmission was designed for the Ford 6.8L engine in order to deliver the best ratio of power and fuel economy.

Over 57 Million Miles Driven

Blue Bird’s propane-powered buses have travelled over 57,000,000 miles - enough miles to go around the world over 2,300 times! Our buses can go the distance, and are built to last through the rigorous years of student transport they endure.

The Most Options Available

The Propane Blue Bird Vision is available in all wheelbases, from 169” to 280”. We also offer three tanks sizes to suit your needs: 50 gallons for short wheelbases, 70-gallon standard, and 100-gallon extended range.

Contact your local dealer for a test drive!

Ready to experience a Blue Bird propane-powered bus? Contact your local dealer to set up a test drive.

We knew that the Vision is the best bus out there. And with the expertise and support from Blue Bird and ROUSH CleanTech, it was easy to make the decision to fuel with propane autogas for our customers.
Leslie Sheldon
Operations Manager
All-Star Transportation
Waterbury, CT

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