Vision - CNG

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With Blue Bird’s 25 years of CNG experience, we’re familiar with the infrastructure and fuel providers in each area and can provide you with referrals for your fuel and station needs.


The extensive Blue Bird/Ford service network throughout the US and Canada assures quick turnaround on service.


Our Vision CNG bus comes with the unwavering Blue Bird and ROUSH CleanTech commitment to passenger safety, durability, service and support.

A Strong Partnership


Working with our long-time partners ROUSH CleanTech and Ford on our propane autogas bus has proven that these companies are the best choice for our Vision CNG-powered bus.


Powertrain Matching


With over 1 million Ford 6.8L engines and 6R140 transmissions working together on the road today, there’s no question that Ford’s powertrain matching is perfect for a school bus application.


Fuel Economy Advantages


Weighing in at 275 lbs. lighter than the competition, the powertrain of the Vision CNG is the lowest weight available on a Type C bus. Its lighter powertrain and tanks give Blue Bird a real fuel economy advantage.


5-Year, Unlimited Mile Warranty


The Blue Bird Vision CNG comes with the same 5-year, unlimited mile warranty that Blue Bird’s other Ford/ROUSH CleanTech product lines have- showing the durability and reliability of these systems.


Go the Distance


The Blue Bird Vision CNG  features a standard 60-gallon tank, but has a 100-gallon tank option: perfect for long-distance traveling!


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