Vision - Gasoline

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The Blue Bird Gasoline Powered Vision has a lower acquisition cost than other fuel types


Maintenance and repairs are easy when a majority of technicians are trained to work on gasoline engines and you can refuel almost anywhere


A proven partnership with Ford and ROUSH CleanTech makes the Blue Bird Gasoline Powered Vision another reliable choice for your fleet

A Strong Partnership


Working with our long-time partners ROUSH CleanTech and Ford on our propane autogas bus has proven that these companies are the best choice for our gasoline-powered bus.


Powertrain Matching


With over 1 million Ford 6.8L engines and 6R140 transmissions working together on the road today, there’s no question that Ford’s powertrain matching is perfect for a school bus application.


Plenty of Power


With 320 horsepower and 460 ft-lbs torque, the Blue Bird Gasoline Vision has plenty of power for on-highway applications and hilly or mountainous terrain.


5-Year, Unlimited Mile Warranty


The Blue Bird Gasoline Vision comes with the same 5-year, unlimited mile warranty that Blue Bird’s other Ford/ROUSH CleanTech product lines have- showing the durability and reliability of these systems.


Go the Distance


The Blue Bird Gasoline Vision features a standard 60-gallon tank, but has a 100-gallon tank option: perfect for long-distance traveling!


Nationwide Fuel Accessibility


Gasoline stations are located in nearly every town in North America, making quick stops and cross-country trips easy.


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