Cummins Engines

We at Blue Bird are proud to offer Cummins engines in our diesel and CNG bus offerings. Cummins prides itself in offering the cleanest and most reliable engines in North America, along with fantastic fuel economy. These engines are built to give prolonged engine life along with one of the best engine-parts warranties in the business.

Engine Offerings

Introducing the Cummins V5.0!

The Cummins V5.0 V8 diesel significantly reduces your cost of operation, achieving leading urban fuel economy. The V5.0 combines the latest in Cummins combustion technology, with advanced weight-saving components that include a compacted graphite iron (CGI) block, and high-strength aluminum alloy head and composite valve covers. The high power-to-weight ratio of the V5.0 helps you get the most out of every gallon of fuel.

Cummins Engine RE ThumbThis clean diesel engine is used in our All American and Vision diesel bus models. This engine helps reduce fuel expenses as well as greenhouse gases (GHG). The fuel economy for the 2013 ISB6.7 engine is up 2% versus their 2010 models, due to the addition of an air intake throttle, which makes their EGR system more efficient. This results in increased fuel economy, lowers operating costs, and provides a cleaner environment with a reduction in the use of diesel fuel.

Cummins CNG Engine Utilized by our All American CNG model, the ISL G engine operates on clean, domestically produced compressed natural gas. The 2013 ISL G engine has improved fuel economy over the 2010 model due to the VGT Turbocharger being modified for greater efficiency. As a result of this engine taking advantage of an abundance of domestically produced natural gas, fuel prices are also lower.


Meets and Exceeds EPA & DOT Regulations

EPA Certified
Cummins engines will meet 2014 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations for fuel economy and greenhouse gas reduction a year ahead of schedule - and they have done so without major hardware changes.


Built to Last

Cummins designs, develops and supports virtually every component from air handling to exhaust aftertreatment as a totally integrated system. This allows Cummins to optimize every function, better than other engine manufacturers. Their proven Cummins Aftertreatment System on both the ISB6.7 and the ISV5.0 use a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytics Reduction (SCR) technology, all managed to maximize efficiency and lower emissions. It virtually eliminates NOx through the injection of a small amount of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) upstream of the catalyst. In 2013, On-Board Diagnostics are being added to continuously monitor the performance of the emissions system, which will alert the driver when it needs troubleshooting and possible repair. This On-Board Diagnostics system has already been proven in thousands of on-road vehicles since 2007.


Reliability - Guaranteed

Cummins Engines Logo
Cummins engines feature the most comprehensive base warranty in the industry, with 5 years or 100,000 miles of coverage (whichever occurs first), and their new extended coverage plans offer up to 10 years of coverage. This is evidence of Cummins' complete confidence in their engine's robust design, quality manufacturing, and long-term durability.

As a Blue Bird customer for over 25 years, our district has a solid Blue Bird fleet of the Vision, All American and Micro Bird buses. We choose to standardize our fleet to solely Blue Bird because of the quality of the buses. Our Blue Bird school buses are dependable, our drivers love driving the buses and we receive excellent parts and service support from Blue Bird and our local dealer, New York Bus Sales.
Fred Paye
Director of Transportation
Hilton Central School District
Hilton, NY

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